1. Please introduce yourself.

My name is Izzy (Isabella) Church. I currently live and work in New York City at a boutique media development company called: Third Culture Creative. Third Culture Creative develops and produces, film, television, and animation content. In addition, we offer film finance consultations and help to facilitate relationships with distributors, film financiers, as well as tax credits for film. Our primary focus is Comedy (romance), Sci-fi, and Action-adventure content.


  1. Can you share with us how you became an author?


I began storytelling at an early age and eventually my hobby turned into a way of life I followed my passion, which led me to New York City as a teenager. In pursuit of fulfilling my dream of becoming an acclaimed actress-writer I began studying film at School of Visual Arts and writing for film and television at Mary Mount Manhattan University, graduating top in my class. Later, I went on to intern at Dreamworks where I later worked and advanced in the books to film department. It is my dream to adapt “Angry Movie Guy” for the screen… so the insight I learned while I was at Dreamworks was invaluable.


In addition to my academic studies I have intensively studied with numerous top acting instructors. I believe I gained valuable insight into the human condition during my theatre training and ultimately it strengthened my writing skills.


  1. What brings about you choosing the indie publishing way and not the traditional publishing route?


As with most boutique publishing companies, the author must contribute to the success of his or her own book. At Square Monkey Publishing the author can choose A-la-carte services or purchase a publishing package to help them promote both the book. This particular route has given me an opportunity to learn about the publishing world while giving me the tools to become a successful author.



  1. Tell us about your books and what your motivation is to write those books


I’ve been a huge movie buff since childhood, which was the first seed for what was later to become my debut novel: “Angry Movie Guy,” which follows the life of Charlie Zimmerman, a bitter film critic who repeatedly falls on hard times as an honest, ethical and thought provoking film critic. Ironically, it’s only after Charlie foolishly writes a spiteful review that he is taken seriously by the “gatekeepers.” Therefore, I thought why not embark on a journey about a sensational verbally incontinent film critic whose movie critiques are so outrageous that we tune in not because we care about his honest review, but because we want to hear what obnoxious thing he’s going to say next.


  1. How have you been marketing and promoting your book so far?


Social media is a great way to promote your book, but it’s not enough. So far, I’ve done two blog tours, which include 15-30 bloggers writing about my book. I’ve also been on several podcasts and radio shows promoting the book. In January and February we will have a rafflecopter event, which will include giveaways from several authors. In addition, I have arranged a small street team to promote the book via instagram I also have numerous banner ads going up on all the necessary sites. For example, goodreads is a great way to entice readers to pre-order: Angry Movie Guy.


  1. If something has brought you success as an author and writing career, what is it?


I don’t know if there is one thing that has brought me success, but I do know there are a series of small steps, which I regularly take that have contributed to paving a path for myself as an author. First off, I unremittingly write everyday with out fail. It may be a short story, poem, monologue, screenplay, or a new song. I’ve learned there are a lot of great sites you can share your work on and grow a fan base while working on your next book or your first book. I suggest you check out: Bubblish. You can also create a blog and create a following while you are spending those long hours working on your novel.




  1. What lessons have you learned on your writing journey?


Most important lesson… Don’t beat yourself up! It’s about the journey, not the destination. Besides, every day is going to be different. Sometimes you sit down to write and it flows like the Ganges River and other days you can’t seem to complete a sentence. I guess it’s true what they say: “If it was meant to be easy, everyone would be doing it.”


Also, the devil is in the details… therefore; make sure you find a good editor, line-editor, and proofreader.



  1. If there is one book marketing strategy you’ve found to work for you, what is it?


This is my first book, so I’m still growing & learning, however, I’m excited about the street team marketing strategy. I think it is a great way to reach an audience (face-to-face) because it’s not an obtrusive advertisement or email. It is a friendly way to approach your potential book readers while giving them an opportunity to win a Barnes and Nobles gift certificate and an autographed copy of Angry Movie Guy



  1. Share any insight into your author platform and how it looks?


Please visit the official book site at: www.angrymovieguy.com – When you visit the site be sure to check out the cool book trailer and read some of the great reviews from people who have already read Angry Movie Guy. Also, make sure you check the update: to learn about book readings, author giveaways, and other fun AMG updates.


“A fast paced, sometimes slapstick film industry novel with a vibrant cast of characters.” -Kirkus Reviews


  1. What advice do you have for an aspiring author?


Writing is not for the faint of heart, so my advice is be sure that this is really what you want deep down inside before you embark on the journey of writing a novel. Ask yourself: “What do I want?” Do this repeatedly and when the answer becomes clear then begin your journey. If you get stuck along the way, ask yourself the very same question. Repeat this again and again until that little voice inside of you responds with a resounding YES. I can tell you from experience, once you begin your process of writing your first book you won’t want to stop until you complete it. Most likely it will be a long journey with many bumps on the road, but you can face them if this is really what you really want. Don’t give up!


  1. Tell us where we can find your book(s) online and how people can connect and find you online.

You can pre-order the print book today at www.angrymovieguy.com! Or go to amazon.com. It will officially launch February 14th– it’s a great book for a loved one! Men and Woman of all ages are responding to the truthfulness of Charlie’s search for happiness and success.