Does book 2 start immediately after book 1?

At the end of Book 1 Starkey opened the portal. Right at the start of Book 2 you see where it leads.

Are the teenagers still time travelling in Book?

Like book 1 this book deals with the characters everyday lives as well as the fantasy element when they go on their ‘adventures’ . These adventures are pure fantasy where they go to an imaginary world. Some of the people they encountered in Book 1 were people from history in book 2 the people they encounter are fantasy  including a centaur and a mermaid.

You said that in Book 1 Starman by David Bowie had influenced the storyline. Are there any songs linked to Book 2?

I like the idea of there being a David Bowie song that influences the 3 books in the trilogy. In which case Book 2 would be ‘changes’ and Book 3 would be ‘the man who stole the world’ (make of that what you will). But LA woman by the Doors is linked to Book 2 and there is a monkey called ‘Mr. Mojo’.

Have you introduced any new characters?

There are a whole host of new characters. The most prominent is probably The Scholar who is their guide through the new land. What you will see is that some of the characters from Book one are developed and become much more prominent in Book 2. By Book 3 these characters are very dominant.

Is Starkey in Book 2?

Yes absolutely. When I hinted that he wouldn’t be I was greeted with an outcry from people who had read the first book. The question everyone keeps asking me is ‘whose Starkey’ to the point that I have even a had Tshirts made and put on my website with that question on it.


Do they use the lift the travel to the new land?

No, they go there in their sleep. They don’t go there every night and don’t have a complete adventure every night. I have used ‘a word’ I’ve pinched from a lady I work with to show that they have woken up. If this word is put on a tshirt to promote book 2 she has said she want one.


Have ‘the stardust’ changed at all?

They have developed as people. They are more secure of each other as a group, remember they are no longer strangers, they are 5 teenagers who share a common bond and have been through a lot together.

Do they get any more magical items or magical powers?

They don’t get anymore magical items but their magical powers are stronger now.


Do we find out who Starkey is in Book 2?

No the reader won’t be told until Book 3. But there will be more clues in Book 2, there were so many in Book 1 I am amazed no one managed to work it out.


When will Book 2 be out?

The plan is around December 16. I am still writing it at the moment and have been meeting with Toby, the illustrator to discuss the cover and the internal sketches.