Name: The Power Vested In Me Trilogy: Book 2 The Seekers
author: AJ King
pub date: December, 2016
price: TBD
how many pages: TBD
book size: TBD
format: paperback/Ebook
Book language: English


Continues the story of the five teenagers ‘The Stardust’ who as babies were secretly bestowed with special powers by their mysterious benefactor Starkey. With the first book having ended with them realising the purpose of the five time travelling quests that Starkey had sent them on, Book 2 begins with them embarking on a quest to find one more item.

This quest sends them into a fantasy land which they enter during their dreams. They travel through 12 locations, encountering many new and colourful characters, but are these characters a blessing or are they a lesson. They are guided through this land by their strange little guide The scholar who pops in and out of their adventures. But will they reach the end of the rainbow and if so what will they find there.

In their everyday lives there are changes which bring new problems for the Stardust and their families. How will they deal with these changes and will they make the right decisions in both their conscious and unconscious states.

Will they get any closer to discovering the true identity of Starkey and the real reason for the quests or will they just find they have more unanswered questions.

Can the reader solve the mystery before the Stardust do. They couldn’t in Book 1 , how will they do with Book 2?