What is your book about?

Heaven has opened its gates, and the angels have been given the order to begin the reckoning of Earth, to bring about Heaven on Earth. This process however, will be the end of the world as we know it. The 33 Orders of Man are magicians who were taught the magic of Heaven to defend the Earth against it. But, like all humans, they are subject to weak desires and poor decisions lead to enmity amongst the Orders. Essentially, the book is about life. The struggles of the weakness of man through the lives of those given great power.


How did you come up with the concepts for the book?

Studying anthropology in college allowed me to dive into spiritual walks of life practiced all over the world. The 33 Orders of Man are based on real life magical and spiritual paths practiced by millions. Being a child of countless pastors and clergymen, as well as master masons, I have created this world that embodies all that I have been taught regarding spiritual matters.

What is your favorite TV Show?


What is your favorite movie?

Pulp Fiction

What inspired you to write this novel?

There is a lack of diversity in the fantasy and science fiction genres. I love the epics such as Lord of the Rings, and the Urban Fantasies such as Twilight but they lack diverse voices. I think that as a society, we are past having the one minority on the team. It is my hope that in the Knights of Enmity series, that everyone will find that one character that they can identify with. Be it Solon the gay alchemist, D’Artagnan the passionate Jamaican Knight or Bibi the beautiful mixed beauty with daddy issues. In the writing world, diversity is also subjective, but in my world it is what it is.

How do you want to improve yourself in the next year?

I strive to become a better writer each day. I set daily goals each day and I am often upset at myself when I don’t see them through. But after the release of the book, I plan on attending events and workshops which will give me even more exposure to the literary world and help me hone in on talents I have yet to uncover.

What other things are you currently working on?

The first three books in the series are completed, but I am also working on novellas for the series which will dive into the lives and side missions of the Knights. I am also finishing an unnamed sci fi novel.

Where do you write?

To be honest, I do a lot of writing in bed with my headphones on. I find myself too distracted at coffee shops.

How many times was your manuscript rejected?

Knights of Enmity has been rejected roughly 54 times by various publishing houses and agents. I received a lot of good info during this rejection period which helped me improve the manuscript each time I submitted it. Many of my rejection letters were positive, but because my book is unique, they felt it wasn’t a good fit for their respective markets.

How can readers reach you?

You may visit my website: www.driesworld.com or you can follow me on Twitter @SedrieDanielle, on Instagram @driesworld and Facebook @SedrieDanielle.