Books Coming Soon is a site I designed with a premium domain name and useful book service for authors. It’s easy to run, and I’ve made money with it every single month it’s been live. I have not been able to scale it or do anything with it, however, as I got way too busy in my life, so that is the ONLY reason I’m selling it now. This needs to go to somebody who wants a great site that is already built for them and ready to go and is making money. Interested?

Specs to think about: Built using WordPress. Several ad placements on the sidebar. The idea is simple: If you are an author who wants to promote a book that isn’t published yet, you can list it on the site for free and even take advanced copy requests directly from the site. There is NO other site online that lets you do this. Amazon has a pre-order function on their site, but only for their ebooks. But on BCS, you can sell directly to interested buyers of your book and also send out review copies and have a solid link online to your book before it even comes out for sale. That’s invaluable.

Additionally, there are author interviews on the site that help promote authors as well. IN terms of money to be made, besides the sidebar ads, there is the slider banner ads, a main home page banner ad directly underneath the slider banner ads, and in the footer, private links for either publishing companies who want to promote their books and their company, and author links too. All can be purchased with the setup I have in place in the three different promotion packages set up on the site. I also have ads running on fiverr that is where I’ve made a lot of the income each month on the site. It’s set and forget right now, but hopefully you can see by this description how easy it would be to make a LOT more money if you put some time into it. Also if you ran adsense on the site. I do not run adsense on it, but you easily could once the site is transferred to you.

Once you make the purchase, you’ll have to transfer the site to your own hosting platform, but that goes without saying. We will have to work out the transfer situation depending on what hosting site you have. This is with Godaddy, so if you have a Godaddy hosting account, this shouldn’t be all that difficult to switch over to your hosting platform.

Beyond that, I want to see this go to somebody looking to have an easy startup business online, or somebody who will take this to the next level and watch the site grow into what I envisioned it would, which is a popular online site for authors to list books and get interviews and not have to jump through hoops to do so. The free listings help all authors out there, and through upsells, you can get authors to buy the services too since they are priced low enough that any author can afford them.

Not trying to flip this site for tons of money, so I have a low reserve on it, which is basically at this point what I paid for the domain name and also for some time I put in